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We're always looking for new talent, see our current and upcoming roles below.

Job Description

We’re looking for a digital marketing specialist to join our team to help with social media and email campaign and management. Must have experience with content writing and come from the trading industry.


Job Description

Product Designer specialising in UX & UI. Mid-weight level. 5+ years of experience. Portfolio must be shared when applying for this role.


Job Description

We're looking for additional Market Analysts to join our team. You'll be obsessed with the markets and have the desire to educate others about the opportunities the financial markets present. You'll have bags of personality and be comfortable live on camera.


Job Description

This is a Quantitative Analyst role like you’ve never seen before. We’re looking for a Quant Analyst to join our team to drive data analysis and forecasting. You will be collaborating directly with the Market Analyst team, working towards optimising strategies and forming commentary.


We're growing!

Here at Think Huge we’ve grown 30% in both headcount and revenue, year on year, since our 2012 inception.

We grow because we love it! We thrive on fresh challenges, converting them to opportunity whenever possible.

To help overcome these challenges, we only hire the best people. Individuals who understand the power of a worldwide distributed workforce and embrace constant change.

If you’re lucky enough to be a member of Think Huge, you’ll be committing to a journey of personal and professional growth that will last years. We regularly promote from within and boast an incredibly low staff turnover.

Nobody at Think Huge has ever left our organisation to pursue a greater opportunity. Why? Because we’re constantly creating internal and external opportunity by improving our products, launching new business lines and developing new teams to conquer the industries in which we choose to compete.

Would you like to join one of the greatest distributed companies in the world?

Before you do, you’ll be signing up to work by our core values.

Our core values


Think Huge’s success is built on agility. We move fast, and always will. Identifying opportunities and risks, then moving quickly to capitalise is one of the things that makes Think Huge such a dynamic place. Our agility enables us to outpace, and outthink our competitors.

Helping Each Other

As a member of Think Huge, we are responsible for making everyone around us better. Whether that’s your manager, a new recruit or a member of another team. We grow as a company through our collective wisdom and support each other without judgement.


We don’t fit in a box, we understand things change and are able to adapt accordingly."It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." - Charles Darwin

Onwards! (growth)

We are addicted to growth. The only way to succeed, both in life and as a company, is by constantly growing. We grow our skills, our customer reach, our collaborations, our market share and our revenue - each and every day.

Sound like you?

Get in touch and be sure to let us know how you’ll add value to our team.


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William ThomasCEO and Co-Founder

The Benefits

Remote Work

Work from anywhere in the world! Our team is dotted across 20+ counties. We work from converted farm houses, to high-rise apartments, to beach side pads. Work wherever you do your best work.

Shared Success

As our company grows, we reward our staff with regular pay increases and bonuses. As an example, our earlier employees are now earning 5x their starting salary.

Training & Personal Growth

We invest significantly in both external and internal training, providing opportunities for our staff to learn and grow throughout their career with us.

Flexible Hours

Work when you are most productive. If that's morning, night or something in between, we care about getting the job done, not punching a clock. We also offer up to 4 weeks paid leave per year, because everyone needs a break.

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